Fully Integrated Infotainment Rack

The modular SPARKSone combines all necessary infotainment components including the complete wiring of all interfaces and antennas in an appealing construct. Using an innovative circuit board, the SPARKSone supports all MIB1 or MIB2 electronic system architectures of the VW group. With just a few slight adjustments one can simply refit the rack for the desired vehicle variant.


Beyond deployment in test automation and presentation environments the SPARKSone was designed with a focus on ergonomics to support prolonged use at the workspace. As a development tool the modular infotainment rack offers full access to the infotainment system through all necessary interfaces and switches. The Sales option forgoes these to provide a clean and sleek appearance. Depending on the desired use, we would be glad to accommodate individual specifications.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x H x D) ca. 300 x 605 x 605 mm
Construct made of anodized aluminum and precision lasered acryl-glass plates
Adjustable knobs to control height and ensure stability on uneven surfaces
Optional integration: Control elements, multifunction steering wheel buttons, central display, instrument cluster, gateway and FBS (immobilizer system), tablet mounting & control elements, TV-tuner, DVD changer
Special transport solutions available for international shipment (e.g. flightcase)


Technische Daten

Breakout Box für 6x CAN- und 4x Serielle-Schnittstellen
Integrierte Levelshiftung
Integrierte RS232-USB Konvertierung für alle 4 Kanäle mit Tx-Kanal
Anschlussmöglichkeiten für:
insbesondere Telemotive blue PiraT Mini MOST/CAN
per 15poliges / 44poliges RS232 SUB-D Kabel

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