LVDS To HDMI™ Converter


With the help of this universally applicable product, display content (e.g. main-unit or rear seat entertainment) can be rendered onto projectors in native resolution or saved in video format. The conversion of the video signal occurs automatically for common HDMI/DVI devices.


Conversion of FDP-2 and FDP-3 video source to HDMI (no rescaling / cropping)
Splitting of video signal from one source to 3 additional LVDS devices (vehicle displays)
Picture analysis via frame grabber for automation of tests

Technical Data

12V power supply (with voltage stabilization)
4 rosenberger HSD connectors in universal z-coding (water blue, neutral coding)
Automatic recognition of FDP source (conversion FDP-II/III)
Quality anodized aluminum housing, ca. 105 x 95 x 25 mm

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